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Papa's restaurants are renowned on the internet and have brought the joy of cooking to lots of players, especially in the Flash era. Even though Papa took a short break, you can play once again these classic Flash games on, through the power of emulation and of Ruffle.

One such eatery is one that will surely delight players who have a sweet tooth, and those who enjoy a dessert from time to time. In Papa's Pancakeria you have to master the art of making delicious pancakes. Take over the cooking stations and get ready to get your hands covered in dough, as you prepare pancakes for all your hungry customers. And in Papa's Pancakeria you have to take the orders, as well as cook the food, so it really is a test of your patience and of your management skills. The faster you serve a customer, the bigger the tips you will get. And a big tip will get you extra tickets to Foodini's Mini Game Show, where you will have to play a short game. If you win here, you gain extra trinkets, with which you can customize and add more personality to the restaurant.

Each customer is a new challenge, and usually they have their unique preferences. Taking these preferences into account ensures that your customers leave Papa's Pancakeria happy. And happy customers will recommend your place, and so each day usually brings a new customer. Some days even bring you new ingredients to prepare your delicious dessert, so be ready to adapt to whatever the new day brings you.

Get ready to make some exquisite pancakes when you play Papa's Pancakeria on

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the cooking stations and with the game.

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  • Use the mouse to play the game.

This game can be played only on PC