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In this game full of colors, your task is to fill the bucket with as many balls as you can, and make sure that you spill as few as them as you can. Cannon Strike, like most puzzle games that you can play on, starts off with easy levels, where the obstacles that stand between your cannon and the bucket are not very intimidating, but once you start to get comfortable with the rules, the level of challenge increases and you'll have to use all the skills you have acquired if you want to progress.

To shoot the cannon all you have to do is to use the left mouse button. This is deceptively simple, but it can also work against you, because if you are not patient enough and you don't assess the situation correctly, you might lose the three-star ranking that you can receive at the end of each level, which is awarded only to those who managed to fill the bucket with as many balls as possible. The fewer you miss, the better the ranking is. Each level has a creative and unique layout, so in each one you have to adapt to the requirements and time your shots correctly. Some might have a large number of moving platforms, while others have only one platform, but it moves very quickly. And of course, some offer surprises that will surely raise the challenge, and the fun.

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How to play

Use the left mouse button to shoot the cannon, if you are using a computer. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen to shoot.

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  • Use the mouse to play the game.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices