Ready to play Steampunk Wedding?

Enjoy this free online dress up game by and play it on both your desktop and on your mobile device!

Step into the fantastical world of Steampunk Wedding, where love meets retro-futuristic style in the most epic way possible! This ain't your grandma's wedding, folks, it's a sci-fi extravaganza tailored for the ultimate fashionista gamers out there!

In this free-to-play dress-up game designed for the trendsetting gals, players are the maestros behind crafting the perfect wedding looks for not just one, but two dazzling bridesmaids and the star-crossed lovers themselves, the bride and groom!

Picture this: gears whirring, steam rising, and a backdrop of Victorian-era vibes mixed with cutting-edge technology. That's the essence of Steampunk, baby! Each bridesmaid awaits your fashion expertise to select the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring steampunk wedding ensemble. From corseted gowns adorned with mechanical marvels to hats that rival the fanciest top hats of old, it's a veritable feast for the eyes!

And speaking of eyes, let's not forget about the makeup game! Dive into a treasure trove of blushes, lipsticks, eyebrow shapes, and lash colors to create the perfect steampunk-inspired looks for each bridesmaid. It's all about embracing the fusion of vintage aesthetics with futuristic flair!

But wait, there's more! Our blushing bride, the lovely blonde bombshell Babs, is counting on you to make her big day as unique as she is. From an array of steampunk wedding dresses fit for a queen to veils dripping with elegance and bouquets bursting with otherworldly blooms, the options are endless!

And let's not leave out the dapper groom! With the coolest steampunk groom costumes this side of the time machine, complete with an arsenal of accessories, hairstyles, beard styles, and more, he'll be ready to sweep his bride off her feet in style!

Once you've perfected every detail, it's time to share your masterpiece! Download your creations to show off to your closest friends and family because in Steampunk Wedding, fashion is meant to be celebrated and shared!

So, gear up, fashionistas! It's time to embark on the steampunk adventure of a lifetime and create wedding looks that are out of this world! Let's make fashion history together in the most stylish way possible!

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  • Use the mouse to play the game.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices