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Teddy's Birthday Party Cleaning

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Teddy's Birthday Party Cleaning Description

It's Teddy's birthday and his friends decided to throw a surprise party for him, they came to his house to clean it and decorate it, and they also want to cook Teddy's favorite cookies before he gets back home. They do not have to much time until he comes back, so they have to hurry up if they want the surprise to be ready in time. Give Teddy's friends a helping hand, clean the house, bake some cookies and decorate Teddy's room before the time runs out. Pay attention to the time and finish each level before it's too late. Teddy will be really happy if you succeed. Enjoy!

Teddy's Birthday Party Cleaning Game Instruction

Use the mouse to play this game. Drag and drop each object to it's place to clean the room, drag and drop the ingredients to cook the cookies and the decorating items to decorate the room.

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