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Mean Girls High School Showdown

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Mean Girls High School Showdown Description

You are one of the new girls in the high school and one of the friends you made asked you to spy on the mean girls, the Plastics. Before to do that you'll have to train and make sure you are ready for the challenge. Once the training is over, start gathering information on the Plastics. But other students won't just tell you things so you'll have to challenge them and win to get some information. Have fun being a spy!

Mean Girls High School Showdown Game Instruction

Use your mouse to play. Start the game by choosing your character then her attributes and skills then start the showdown challenge. You have to win the battle against the other student by matching three or more tiles of the same kind either horizontally or vertically. During the showdown you can hit your opponent and make his or her stamina gauge drop if you match three or more whips or you can win him or her over by raising his/her loyalty bar. You can do this matching three or more hearts. Click on the neighboring tiles to move them and create rows. If you match 4 or more you'll have an extra turn. Pay attention to your stamina and loyalty bars not to drop or rise too much or you'll lose.

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