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Ice Cream Parlor

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Ice Cream Parlor Description

Imagine you work in this cool ice cream shop and your job is to serve the kids who come here with the delicious stuff. Pay attention to what your client asks for, prepare his ice cream and serve him before he looses his patience. Choose the right cone, the ice cream color desired and the toppings your client wants. Try to work fast and efficient to gain enough points to be able to get to a new level. Good luck!

Ice Cream Parlor Game Instruction

Use the mouse to play: Click on the cone you want to take to choose it, then click the "play" button to move to the ice cream machine. Click the color you want then move the mouse in circular motion following the arrow. Click the sauce button and move the mouse up and down following the arrow. Chose the topping you want, then click the jar to release it. In the end, click the "play" button to serve your client.

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