Elsa Vs Rapunzel Fashion Game

Elsa Vs Rapunzel Fashion Game

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Play this Elsa Vs Rapunzel Fashion Game to create fabulous outfits and makeups for these divas! Elsa and Rapunzel are competing against each other for the fashion diva title. Both are convinced that when it comes to fashion, they are experts and when it comes to makeup, they have the best skills. In this game, you need to help both princesses get ready for the competition. You will help each of them find a statement outfit that guarantees them the first place! You have an entire wardrobe at your disposal. Choose a distinct fashion style for each princess and create their outfit. Then wait and see how many votes they get, after which you can move to the makeup part. Prove your makeup skills and make them look fabulous! Have a great time playing this Elsa Vs Rapunzel Fashion Game! elsa_vs_rapunzel_fashion_game100

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  • Use the mouse to play.