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After an unfortunate scooter accident, a quick ride to the doctor is the only way to make sure you have a good recovery. In Doc Darling Bone Surgery you have to perform various tasks to make sure your patient leaves the hospital as good as new. These tasks range from cleaning the wounds, to removing debris, but also to making sure that all the germs are eliminated. And while each of these activities challenge you in different ways, they are all fun and leave you guessing just what Doc Darling Bone Surgery has in store for you next.

While going through your task list for healing your patient, different skills will be tested, but luckily Doc Darling Bone Surgery guides you through the process with easy to follow instructions. And the combination of happy music and lively graphics makes these tasks that much more enjoyable. Through the stylized graphics, you can easily understand what you should do, and the steps are all presented in fun and intuitive ways, so there is no downtime or time spent guessing on what you have to do next.

And you are going to appreciate the stylized graphics, because the injuries that the character has suffered look quite severe. Thankfully, you are there to help her, and she'll be back in no time to enjoy her scooter.

Throughout six unique levels, you get to try out various tools, from X ray machines that detect fractures to guns that shoot germs, the arsenal for healing at your disposal is truly impressive. And while each level has something new for you to try, you will quickly master each and every one of them.

Heal another friendly character on when you play Doc Darling Bone Surgery.

How to play

If you are playing from a PC you can use the left mouse button to interact with the elements from the game. If you are using a mobile device, you can tap the screen to achieve the same functionality.

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  • Use the mouse to play the game.

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices