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Dreams Differences

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Dreams Differences Description

Here is a game for you to check your attention and concentration skills! Pay attention to the images!Are they perfectly identical? Well, at a firsts sight they seem to be, in fact, they are not! Look at the small details and you will find the differences. There will be different sets of two images for you. The story of a girl who falls to sleep at school (well, not such a good thing to do, isn't it? :) ) and goes into the world of dreams. Your goal is to find all the differences between two pictures to go to the next level and see what happens in the story of the sleepy girl. Pay attention to all the details and point the differences to make them disappear and gain points. If you point by mistake on a wrong place, you will loose points! So, be careful! When the images are perfectly identical you will get to the next level. Good luck!

Dreams Differences Game Instruction

Use the mouse to play. Point a detail on the right side image and you will see a circle around the same detail from the left side picture. If there is a difference click to make it vanish! If there is no difference, keep looking!

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