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Bubble Batch Bottle Catch

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Bubble Batch Bottle Catch Description

Susie Strawbella is a drinks specialist and innovator. She has just created some delicious soda pops for her shop. But they won't be good unless they get some fizz in them. This would make them delicious and refreshing and she knows that they will be really popular. Help her get the bubbles into the soda bottles to make these drinks. But be careful that she has to put the right flavors into the right bottles and that she cannot take too long in doing it or the batch she is just making will be ruined. Help her complete all batches and she will reward you!

Bubble Batch Bottle Catch Game Instruction

Drag and drop the bubbles to the bottles. Make sure you bring the right colored bubble to the right bottle before the time runs out! At the end make sure you print out your reward!

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