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Kelly's Summer Jobs

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Kelly's Summer Jobs Description

Kelly is in vacation and she would like to go on a trip later on, but for this she has to make some money. This is why she decided to take a job and earn the money needed for the trip. She has applied to several jobs and she was so lucky to be hired in 4 of them. So now she is a baker, an ice cream shop attendant, a pet groomer and a hairstylist. But with so many things to do she needs your help. Can you do that for her? Choose the job you want to help her with then start the work. If you choose to go at the bakery you'll have to bake some bread for the customers and if you choose the ice cream shop you'll have to make and serve some delicious ice cream to the clients. As a pet groomer or a hairstylist you'll have to wash, cut and style the pet's hair or your client's hair. Whichever job you choose you have to make sure that you do the best job and you won't make angry more than 10 customers or Kelly will be fired. Good Luck!

Kelly's Summer Jobs Game Instruction

Use your mouse to play and follow the instructions for each job.

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