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Cyborg Description

You're a scientific experiment that has gone wrong. You were conceived in a lab to be the perfect woman for any man. Unfortunately for your creator, you had different ideas and intend to show the world your only purpose is to kill. Your goal as a very hot cyborg chick is to go out on a killing rampage which leads you to the White House and the ultimate man you crave to terminate - good old George W Bush!

Cyborg Game Instruction

Use your keyboard to play. Q to Preview Weapon; W to Jump; E to Use Next Weapon; A to Move Left; S to Go Down; D to Move Right. In order to shoot aim the weapon to your target (placing the and click on the left button of your mouse to shoot. First give a nice aspect to your character. You can select the color of her hair, clothes and skin color, then start your mission and destroy all enemies. Complete all the levels of the game.

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