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Bridesmaid Makeover

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Bridesmaid Makeover Description

You are one of the best stylists in the city and your specialty is wedding makeovers. This is why this pretty girl came to you. Her best friend is getting married and she is the bridesmaid at the party. She wants to look fabulous for this event and she trusts you to do a perfect makeover. So choose a hairstyle, clothes and the perfect makeup. Don't forget about the nails or the jewelries to complete her makeover. Have fun!

Bridesmaid Makeover Game Instruction

Click on each category tab to reveal your options then click on the arrows to see more. To use an item just click on it. For the nails choose the nail polish you want then click on each nail to apply it. For a design or bracelets and rings click in the tab under the hand. Do not forget to do the nails at both hands! When your makeover is complete click "SHOW" to see a before and after picture.

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